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Dream of Aphrodite . 44x44" oil on canvas

Expulsion from Paradise. 48x36" by Alexei Antonov

Michael 's memorial

Black belt artist

Olympic Peninsula . Crashing wave. Oil on canvas

Crushing wave

Mother with a childs

My table top representative camera.

The sky with clouds. Part 2. Rose-traveler

The sky with clouds. Oil painting in the process

1art academy Presentation.

Portrait of Anna

Nasty weather

Portrait of Xenia

Video Critique 01

Priming the canvas

1st workshop Introduction

Cleaning oil brushes

Alexei Antonov Минута славы

Portrait of Erika by Alexey Antonov

Pomegranate is the disrupting orange to surprise and happiness

False start

Work in Progress

Portrait in Classical Oil Painting Technique by Alexei Antonov



Video Workshops DVD video course of classical painting

Oil Painting Workshop

Oil Painting Workshop

Fragment from video "yellow rose"

Yellow rose, fragment

Rosy rose

How to cook a whole lamb on the grill. St. George's Day